Choosing a Mattress

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so choosing the correct mattress and pillow is vital
for getting straight to sleep.


For many Australians, the underlying cause for poor sleep is literally right under them! Improving your
sleep quality can be as simple as sleeping on a better mattress.

According to a recent study in journal of chiropractic medicine capered a mattresses five years old or
older, a new mattress provided sleepers with significant improvement including

  • 70% in sleep comfort
  • 62% in sleep quality
  • 55% in back pain
  • 50% in spine stiffness

How do I know it’s time to get a new mattress?

  • If you are waking up sore with stiffness, aches or pains, it’s probably time to replace yours.
  • Every five or seven years– manufactures and chiropractors recommend replacing mattresses.
  • When sagging starts happening– saggy spots in a mattress result in people tensing their muscles to compensate for the uneven surface.
  • When annoying peaks, dips or lumps show in the surface.

What should I look for in a mattress?

Research has shown that medium-firm mattresses reduce back pain, shoulder pain, spine stiffness and improve sleep quality.

How can I look after my mattress?

Turn your mattress every few months so that body indentations are kept to a minimum, body weight can have an impact on mattresses, resulting in dips, peaks and an uneven surface.